In the world of business, if you want to move up the corporate ladder, you have to be in management. An associate degree that can be completed 100% online is a good first step on that path. This list of the Top 10 csgo赛事结果 for an Online Associate in Management has been compiled for those of you with ladder-climbing aspirations. Whether you plan to take your degree directly into the workforce or apply those credits toward a four-year degree, these schools will help you on your way, all the while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

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The rankings for this list of the top ten great value colleges for an online associate in management were ascertained by looking at tuition value (10 points), the relevancy of the curriculum to the current demands of the field (10 points), and the amount of individual attention a student can expect to receive, based on the student-to-faculty ratio (10 points). A further five points were awarded in cases where: the school received national recognition for online excellence, exceptional student services are available for web-based learners, or the existence of a special rate or discount for digital students. In the case of a tie on points, schools were listed in order of decreasing tuition.

The tuition number in the bullet point above the paragraph in the school rankings below is the yearly, out of state tuition, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, a service of the US government. Student-to-faculty ratios and enrollment numbers are also from this source. Any per credit hour rate quoted in the paragraph comes from the individual school’s website.

#10 – Tidewater Community College

Norfolk, Virginia


Points : 22
Enrollment : 20,941
Tuition : $11,564

Tidewater Community College boasts that it is the home of the nation’s first textbook-free associate degree and that focus on the bottom line for the student is part of what makes them such a good value. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1, the school’s online associate of applied science in management is a 67 credit hour program covering topics like business law and financial management. Tidewater Community College’s career services office is open to students and alumni of the college.

#9 – College of Southern Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada


Points : 23
Enrollment : 34,169
Tuition : $10,842

The College of Southern Nevada prides itself on creating opportunity and enriching lives through education. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 23:1, the online associate in applied science in business management is a 61-hour program including courses like Marketing Principles and Introduction to Small Business Management. Online students of the College of Southern Nevada are entitled to use the school’s online tutoring, library, and technical support services. The school is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

#8 – Lehigh Carbon Community College

Schnecksville, Pennsylvania


Points : 24
Enrollment : 7,109
Tuition : $11,160

Lehigh Carbon Community College sees its mission as providing affordable and accessible high-quality learning experiences. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1, the online associate in applied science in business management is a 60.5-68.5 hour degree program, including studies in business information systems and principles of accounting. The career development center at Lehigh Carbon Community College offers access to InterviewStream, a service that uses your webcam in helping you prepare for interview questions.

#7 – Moraine Park Technical College

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Points : 24
Enrollment : 4,470
Tuition : $5,885

Moraine Park Technical College has been an affordable choice for education for more than 100 years, and in the online degree granting business since the mid-1990’s. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, the online associate of applied science in business management is a 68 credit hour program including coursework in personal branding and business decision making. Moraine Park Technical College’s online division is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

#6 – Dakota State University

Madison, South Dakota


Points : 25
Enrollment : 3,382
Tuition : $12,606

Dakota State University prides itself on being an academically strong option that rivals similar private colleges, at a much lower price point. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1, the online associate of science in business management is a 60 credit hour program including coursework in business finance and marketing.  Dakota State University employs an online learning staff to help you reach your goals of academic success.

#5 – Bucks County Community College

Newtown, Pennsylvania


Points : 26
Enrollment : 7,761
Tuition : $13,298

Bucks County Community College offers 30 online degree options. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, the online associate in marketing/management with a management emphasis is a 61-64 credit hour program that can be completed in four semesters. Coursework includes organization management and human resource management. Bucks County Community College has online staff available for online chat five days a week, during office hours, for all your student services needs. The management program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

#4 – Laramie County Community College

Cheyenne, Wyoming


Points : 27
Enrollment : 4,097
Tuition : $10,373

Laramie County Community College offers nine associate degrees and six certificates online. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, the online associate of applied science in business management is a 60 credit hour program including studies in personal financial planning and retail management. Laramie County Community College’s student success center offers free access to Smarthinking’s 24/7 online tutoring service. They are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

#3 – Sinclair Community College

Dayton, Ohio


Points : 27.5
Enrollment : 18,576
Tuition : $7,356

Students who complete a degree at Sinclair Community College see, on average, a 114% increase in their earnings, the first year after graduation. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, the online associate in applied science in business management is a 60 credit hour program with studies in effective public speaking and international business. The career connection office at Sinclair Community College can help you transfer to a four-year school or jump start your job search for after graduation.

#2 – Northwest Technical College

Bemidji, Minnesota


Points : 28
Enrollment : 1,022
Tuition : $5,654

Northwest Technical College prepares students for exciting careers in desirable fields. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 21:1, the online associate in applied science in supervisory management is a 60 credit hour program including courses covering project management and quality planning and control. The career services office at Northwest Technical College is there to support you on your journey from student to employee. The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

#1 – Kirkwood Community College

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Points : 28.5
Enrollment : 13,906
Tuition : $6,512

Ninety-seven percent of Kirkwood Community College graduates report satisfaction with their education. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 19:1, the online associate of applied science in business administration with a concentration in management is a 63 credit hour program including the courses of microeconomics and project management basics. The learning services department of Kirkwood Community College has a division to support individuals on the autism spectrum. KCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

This concludes the list of 10 Great Value Online Colleges for an Associate in Management.

This ranking was updated in June 2020. The 2020 updates may affect the ranking order, but the list has not been re-ordered.

About Management

Are you a natural-born leader? Do others tend to follow your lead? Then, a career in management may be in your future. Management is one of the broader sub-fields in business, and a major in this field can set you up for myriad opportunities in retail and sales, advertising and marketing, entrepreneurship and small business management, and more.

About Associate Degree Offerings in Management

Associate degree programs in management are typically two-year programs offered by community colleges, technical schools, and some universities. These programs usually consist of 60 credit hours of coursework spanning general topics in business as well as specific subject matter related to management theory and principles. Some of these degree programs offer or require internships as well. Internships in management provide valuable experiential learning opportunities that can’t be found in the classroom.

About Online Associate Degree Programs in Management

For many individuals interested in breaking into a management position, an associate degree represents the first rung of the ladder. Though these credentials aren’t required for all entry-level positions in the field, they are regarded highly by employers and can set you up for advancement opportunities in the future.

If you’re concerned about making the time to pursue a two-year degree in the field, rest assured that there are many online associate in management programs that offer a high level of convenience and flexibility to suit your busy schedule. In many cases, you can work on your studies at your own pace and complete assignments without ever attending a campus meeting. Some online programs in management offer internships as well, and these can often be arranged in your local community or even at your current place of employment.

Types of Online Management Associate Degree Programs

Not all associate in management online offerings are exactly the same, though, so you’ll need to weigh your options. One of the aspects of online programs you’ll want to consider is the course delivery method. Most all programs will have a learning management system, but they don’t all rely on the same content delivery method. This is important because it affects how and when you engage with course material, instructors, and classmates. In general, there are two types of content delivery methods for online programs: synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous Online Associate of Management Programs

Synchronous online management associate degree programs tend to be the most engaging of the two types. These programs mimic a traditional program in that they require specific meeting times during which all class members are online simultaneously. With this method, you can interact with classmates and professors in real time, viewing streaming lectures and participating in class discussions via webcam. What synchronous programs gain in interactivity, they lose in flexibility, though. These types of programs tend to be more burdensome for students who work full-time or have heavy responsibilities at home.

Asynchronous Online Associate Management Programs

With an asynchronous online management associate offering, much of your coursework will be completed offline, and you’ll have more freedom to study when it’s convenient for you. These types of programs don’t usually require specific log-in times, though they may mandate that you log in a certain number of times per week. For the most part, you’ll be able to make your own schedule when you opt for an asynchronous program, though. The downside of this content delivery method is that you’ll be sacrificing some of the interactivity you would have with a synchronous program. Instead of live-streamed lectures, you’ll watch pre-recorded lectures, for example. In lieu of teleconferencing with classmates, you’ll post comments to an offline discussion forum.

Admissions Criteria for An Online Associate of Management Degree Program

If you’re truly interested in pursuing an online associate degree in management, the very first thing you need to consider is whether or not you can get into such a program. Fortunately, the standards aren’t too rigorous for these two-year degree programs. As long as you have a high school diploma or equivalent, you shouldn’t have too difficult a time gaining entry into an associate in management online program. Depending on the college you’re applying to, there may be additional requirements. In addition to academic transcripts and an application, some schools may ask for letters of recommendation, writing samples, and personal essays, for example.

Online Associate in Management: Curriculum

Management is a broad field, so you can expect the curriculum for such a program to vary from school to school. Some programs may even offer distinct specializations designed to enable students to hone their skills in one particular area of management. Since the coursework can be so different from one program to the next, curriculum is something you’ll want to look carefully at before selecting a program. The program you ultimately choose should cover topics aligned with your interests and future career goals.

General Education Classes

Like all two-year associate degree programs, an associate in management online includes general education courses. These classes cover fundamental college-level concepts in core academic fields like the humanities, mathematics, social and behavioral sciences, and more. Below, we’ve listed some sample general education classes you’re likely to encounter in your course of study as an associate in management online student. Remember that these are just examples and may not reflect the exact curriculum plan for your chosen degree program.

  • College Composition
  • Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Public Speaking

Major-Specific Courses

In addition to general education classes, you’ll also take courses specific to your major. In fact, this component will likely make up the bulk of the curriculum for your online associate of management program. These are the classes required not only for your degree, but also for success in your future career. Some sample major-specific classes are listed below for the sake of reference:

  • Principles of Management
  • Ethical Issues in Management
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Business Law
  • Business Information Systems
  • Managerial Communications
  • Business Statistics

Specialization Classes

If the program you choose offers specializations, then you will have the opportunity to customize your curriculum as an associate in management online student. When you opt for one of these concentrations, you’re committing to completing additional course requirements specific to a particular area of study. Some sample specialization courses are listed below, but keep in mind that these will vary significantly depending on the program and concentration you choose:

  • Marketing for Small Business
  • Introduction to Professional Sales
  • Introduction to Decision Science
  • Global Economic Issues
  • Logistics and Transportation

Frequently-Asked Questions About Online Associate in Management Programs

Still have questions about online associate degree programs in management? Below, we’ve listed some of the questions we commonly receive about these types of programs. In an attempt to help you make the best decision possible about your future academic and professional career, we’ve provided some general information that applies to most of these programs. For more specific information about a particular college or degree program, it’s best to speak to an admissions counselor at the school you’re considering attending.

Q: How long will it take to earn an associate in management online?

A: The standard completion time for an online associate of management degree program is two years. However, this can vary from program to program and ultimately depends on your course load per semester. Accelerated offerings can be completed in as few as 12 months, but you’ll need to be willing to take more classes per semester. On the other hand, if you take classes part-time, it could take more than two years to earn your credentials.

Q: Can I complete my online management associate degree entirely online?

A: Yes. Though some hybrid programs do exist, most online associate degree programs in management can be completed 100% online. These fully online programs offer the highest level of convenience and flexibility for busy students.

Q: What should I look for in an online associate of management degree program?

A: When deciding on the best online management associate degree for you, it’s important to consider factors like curriculum, scheduling options, content delivery, and tuition, for example.

Q: How do I know if an online associate in management degree program is legitimate?

A: Legitimate online programs are accredited by a regional or national accrediting body. Many management programs at the associate level also hold program-specific accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Q: Will my online associate degree in management transfer to a four-year university?

A: It’s likely. Many online management associate degree programs do transfer seamlessly to a bachelor’s degree program in management or related business field. Others are more suitable for students who plan to enter the workforce immediately after graduation. Check with an admissions counselor or other school representative before enrolling to be sure the program aligns with your plans for the future.

Career Questions for Online Associate of Management Degrees

Q: What can I do with an online associate degree in management?

A: Your associate degree in management will open up numerous doors of opportunity in a range of fields and industries. Sample job titles include office manager, production supervisor, warehouse manager, sales director, executive assistant, operations manager, and more.

Q: How much will I earn with an online management associate degree?

A: Your exact salary will be dependent on many different factors like your specific degree, employer, job title, and geographical area. Even so, PayScale reports that the average salary for professionals with this credential is just over $52,000.

Q: Can I work full-time while completing the requirements for an associate of management online program?

A: Yes. Many online associate degree programs in management are specifically designed for working adults. If you’re concerned about scheduling time for your classes, you may want to consider an asynchronous option.

Q: Are jobs in management in demand?

A: Yes! The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that employment opportunities in management are currently growing faster than the average occupation.

Q: What professional organizations exist within the field of management?

A: Joining a professional organization in management is beneficial if you plan to pursue a career in this field. Doing so can provide networking opportunities as well as career resources. Some popular management associations are listed below for reference, but keep in mind that there are many others as well.

  • American Management Association
  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • Academy of International Business
  • Strategic Management Society
  • Association for Talent Development

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