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Degree Programs Offered at Beulah Heights University

Beulah Heights University appears in our ranking of the  50 Most Affordable Master’s in Theology Degree Programs Online.

Beulah Heights University offers online degree programs and programs on its main campus in Atlanta. Students can also enroll in programs available on the university’s campuses in Marietta, Columbus and Albany. Some hybrid programs are also available, which require that students do at least 25 percent of their work on campus. Students do not need to take classes on the main campus though because they can enroll in classes available on any of the affiliated campuses.

Undergrads can choose from three associate’s and three bachelor’s degree programs. Those programs offer majors in business administration, leadership and religious studies. An English as a second language (ESL) program is also available for students who want to improve their English skills. It consists of five stages and requires that students pass an exam before they move to the next level. While the undergrad religious studies programs are available on all campuses, the leadership and business administration programs are only available online and on the Atlanta and Marietta campuses.

The same three majors are open to graduate students at Beulah Heights University too. In the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, students can graduate in 14 months or less. They take eight-week classes that include Servant Leadership, Decision Analysis Systems, Marketing, Business Accounting and Human Resources Management.

Also available is a Master of Divinity with concentrations in chaplaincy or leadership. Students take a minimum of four courses from within their concentrations along with History of Christian Thought I and II, Old Testament, New Testament, Introduction to World Missions and Systematic Theology I and II. Beulah Heights University also offers a Doctor of Ministry program and a Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership program, both of which are available online and on the Atlanta campus.

About Beulah Heights University

Beulah Heights University is a private university in Georgia that started life as a Bible school. Established in 1918, the founder of the university chose Atlanta because of the growing Protestant movement at the time. Originally called the Beulah Heights Bible Institute, it used some of the same ideas as the Pentecostal Bible School did and only admitted local students. That changed in 1928 when the school had the funds necessary to construct buildings to make room for students from other states, including a residence hall for nonresident students. Though it merged with a Bible school from Alabama, the two schools later separated, and the other campus moved to Florida. That left Beulah Heights as the main Bible school in Atlanta.

Later known as Beulah Heights Bible College, it became Beulah Heights University at the end of 2006 and quickly adopted the BHU nickname. The university now offers degrees at the top three levels but requires that all students take some religion courses. In addition to Atlanta, BHU owns campuses in Marietta, Albany, and Columbus and offers online classes.

Beulah Heights University Accreditation Details

BHU does not have regional accreditation, which may make it difficult for students to get as much financial aid as they need. Most of the aid available comes from the university itself such as the scholarships it offers that are funded by alumni. It has institutional or national accreditation from two different organizations: the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation (ABHECA) and the accreditation commission of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TACCS).

Beulah Heights University Application Requirements

The Admissions Office at BHU releases the application recommends that students apply by August first for the fall semester. Undergrads can choose between the paper/PDF application and the online application, both of which charge a $50 fee. When they submit their applications, they also need to submit some proof of ID such as a driver’s license. BHU will accept transcripts, proof that the student has an associate’s degree or a GED test score. The university also requires a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for student seeking financial aid. Students can have anyone complete and submit the personal reference form as long as that individual knew the student for a minimum of six months.

Graduate students need to submit an official undergraduate transcript, which they can do electronically. The university asks for a copy of the student’s ID, a $50 application fee, the completed application, and a personal reference form. References should write about the familiarity they have with the student’s character. Future MBA students must meet the same requirements and write a 250-word essay on their professional goals. They’ll also need to submit a resume. Both of the university’s doctoral programs ask for a $100 application fee, completed application and student ID. These programs require a character reference, transcript, writing sample and a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The writing sample should demonstrate the student’s abilities to both do research and write.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At BHU, undergrads pay $318 per semester hour or $954 per class. Online students pay the same tuition rate and a separate $100 fee, which brings their totals to $1,054 per class. The technology and student activity fees add an extra $180 to their costs each semester. Students can put down a $500 housing deposit at the beginning of the year and pay another $3,375 to live in one of the university’s residence halls. In the BHU graduate programs, students pay $1,275 per class. Doctoral students will pay between $1,536 and $1,575 for each of their classes. Online students pay $1,375 for each online graduate course they take and $1,636 to $1,675 for each doctoral course they take. The university also offers a discounted rate for military students of $250 per semester hour for undergrads. This rate takes 10 to 15 percent off their graduate and doctoral courses too.

BHU sends each student a financial aid letter before the semester starts that will outline all the financial aid they get. This will usually include federal direct loans and federal work-study. Before they can get direct loans, students must complete the online counseling offered by the university and sign a promissory note. The university also offers help for students who want to get scholarships too. Students applying to the degree programs at Beulah Heights University can find out about the work-study opportunities available to them and apply for those jobs through the university’s website.

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