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Degree Programs at Brigham Young University – Idaho

Brigham Young University – Idaho appears in our ranking of The 100 Most Affordable U.S. Colleges Online .

Both members of The Jesus Christ Church of the Latter-Day Saints and students who belong to other religions can earn college degrees from Brigham Young University – Idaho. The university established a Learning Model program that asks students to learn from their peers. Not only will they take required classes and some electives, but they also engage in service learning projects and work with their peers outside of class. To earn an associate degree, students must earn 60 credits of classes. Those in the university’s bachelor’s programs must take a minimum of 120 credits.

The university offers a range of associate degree programs that allow students to study business management and other fields. It offers one of the only family history research programs in the nation. Students learn how to work with the LDS Church and other organizations to find information when conducting family research. The web design and development program focuses on the building of websites and the languages that professionals use. There is also an associate program designed for those who want to work as office managers.

Students can also earn bachelor’s degrees from the university. Some of its online programs include majors in applied management, business management, software engineering, computer information technology, and marriage and family therapy. A popular major for on-campus undergrads is education. There is an elementary education program and a secondary education program. Students can complete just 15 credits of classes to earn a certificate from the university in fields such as auto service technology, social media marketing, home and family studies, and computer information technology.

About Brigham Young University – Idaho

Established in 1888, Brigham Young University – Idaho is the oldest regional campus in the BYU system. Also called BYU – Idaho and BYU – I, it opened as the Bannock Stake Academy. Designed to help Mormons moving west, it served as a high school and later used the name Freemont Stake Academy. The school changed its name to Ricks Academy in 1903 and slowly became a college. As public high schools opened in the west, this school added college classes, which helped it remain open as similar schools closed. It would later adopt the Ricks College name and eventually become part of the BYU. BYU changed the curriculum of the university and eliminated some programs while adding others.

BYU – Idaho now ranks as a top regional and national university. U.S. News and World Report ranked it the 13th best college in the west, but Forbes ranked the university at number 413 on its list of the best American colleges. It has an affiliation with The Jesus Christ Church of the Latter-Day Saints (LDS) and has an honors code that all students must follow. BYU – Idaho offers both two-year and four-year degree programs as well as some certificate programs. With an enrollment of more than 20,000 students, the university ranks as one of the largest public or private colleges in Idaho.

Brigham Young University – Idaho Accreditation Details

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) awarded BYU – Idaho accreditation for its nursing program, which has a high pass rate among graduates who took the national licensing exam. This university also has accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) for all its music programs and regional accreditation from the NWCCU. With regional accreditation, students can transfer courses into the BYU – Idaho program and transfer credits out to another school. It is also one of the features that allow them to apply for financial aid.

Brigham Young University – Idaho Application Requirements

Though BYU – Idaho only offers associate and bachelor degree programs, it uses the same requirements for students applying to either track. The university uses a three-track system and requires that students take classes during two of the three semesters available each year. Those who start in the fall will also take classes during the spring semester and then take the summer off, while those who start in the spring will take classes in the summer and take the following fall off. The tracks that students follow will depend on when they submit their applications. BYU – Idaho has set deadlines for those who hope to start in the fall, spring or summer.

High school graduates starting as freshmen at the university must submit an application that asks them to list their extracurricular activities. The university gives weight to those activities and to the essays that students write. They will also need to provide official test scores and transcripts. BYU – Idaho requires that incoming freshmen have a GPA of at least 3.5 and that they score 1090/24 or higher on the SAT/ACT. Students who are members of the LDS Church must provide endorsements from their religious leaders too. The university will not accept LDS members unless they are in good standing with the Church.

Tuition and Financial Aid

LDS members can attend the Idaho branch of BYU if they are single or married. They pay a rate of $2,059 per semester for tuition and fees. The university charges a room and board fee of $2,086 per semester for single students and $3,556 per semester for married students. Students will need to apply for housing after getting into the university. The cost for full-time students who are not members of the Church is $4,118 per semester. BYU – Idaho also offers rates for part-time students of $172 per credit hour for LDS members and $334 per credit hour for those who are not members.

BYU – Idaho offers a number of scholarships for incoming freshmen and returning students. It has a scholarship application available online that students should fill out and submit. Those with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 qualify for a scholarship that covers a quarter of their tuition costs. Students with a GPA of 3.95 or higher qualify for a full-tuition scholarship. The university recommends that students file the FAFSA too but does not require that they apply for any other aid when seeking scholarships. Students who complete and submit the FAFSA can qualify for both grants and student loans. All incoming and returning students can use scholarships and government aid to pay for any of the Brigham Young University – Idaho degree programs .

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