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Degrees Available at Centenary College of Louisiana

Centenary College of Louisiana appears in our ranking of 50 Great Affordable Colleges in the South .

Centenary College of Louisiana is a small school and offers 22 areas of study for students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The college awards around 100 degrees each year in areas like business administration and management, psychology, biology, English literature, and history. Business administration and biology are the most popular majors. Some of the undergraduate programs available to students include those in Accounting, Biochemistry, Business Administration, Communication Arts, and English. Undergraduate students may also enroll in programs in History, Music, Philosophy, or Theater, as well as Sociology or Religious Studies.

Other degrees include those in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geology, and French, as well as Mathematics, Neuroscience, Political Science, and Sociology. In addition to majors in many areas, students may choose a minor to augment their degree in Art History, Environment, and Society, Physics, or Legal Studies. Other minors include those in Computer Science, Gender Studies, Spanish, and Engineering Sciences. In addition to its selection of undergraduate degrees, students may also enroll in professional and pre-professional preparation programs in Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, and Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Students can also earn professional degrees in Museum Management, Certified Public Accounting, and the Business Foreign Language Coordinate Program.

There are two graduate programs at Centenary College of Louisiana that include the Education MAT and the Business eMBA. The “e” in eMBA stands for Executive, and it’s designed for students who already have some work experience and who want to ascend the ladder of senior management at their organization. Like many programs at the college, the eMBA is designed to foster self-confidence and ensure that graduates are knowledgeable in all the major competencies required in business administration and management. The business program and others at Centenary College of Louisiana are offered within 17 academic departments and two schools that include Arts Management, the Frost School of Business, Geology, and Foreign Languages.

The program a student chooses to enroll in may also see them participate in Psychology, Theatre, Sociology, Philosophy, or the Hurley School of Music. While enrolled in the programs at Centenary College of Louisiana, students may have access to a variety of research opportunities, as well as study abroad sessions and the Trek program, which is designed to foster experiential learning. Degrees at Centenary College of Louisiana require that students attend their classes on campus since the school doesn’t offer degrees online.

About Centenary College of Louisiana

Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, Centenary College of Louisiana is a private school affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The school was founded almost 200 years ago and was the first chartered liberal arts college established west of the Mississippi. The school was also the first college established in Louisiana. The school covers 117 acres in Shreveport and has between 600 and 700 undergraduates and postgraduates attending classes. There are approximately seven major buildings spanning the campus that include an arboretum where more than 300 plant species are housed. Students who participate in sports do so as the Gentlemen and Ladies, and the games take place in NCAA Division III tournaments. The official colors are maroon and white.

Centenary College of Louisiana Accreditation Details

Regional accreditation for Centenary College of Louisiana comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and this accreditation allows the school to award bachelors and masters degrees. The school is also affiliated with and is a member of several societies, organizations, and other groups tasked with accrediting specific programs. Some of those affiliations include those with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the Associated Colleges of the South, and the Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities. Accredited programs at the college include the music program, which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and the undergraduate chemistry program, which is accredited by the American Chemical Society.

Centenary College of Louisiana Application Requirements

Students can apply to Centenary College of Louisiana via an online form, as well as submit an application to the Admission Office by mail. After completing the official application, students must also have their high school transcripts mailed directly from the school to the college, complete an essay on one of the assigned topics designated for the year in which the students are applying, a resume, and a letter of recommendation. Students should also have their standardized test scores from the ACT or SAT sent to the college, as well as consider a personal interview. The interview isn’t required, but the college strongly recommends that students complete an interview with an admission counselor if at all possible.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Centenary College of Louisiana is a private college and charges all students the same rate for tuition for 12 through 22 credits. The price for tuition is $37,310 per year. Students who take fewer than 12 or more than 22 credits will pay $1,554 per credit hour. The college has six room options that range in price from $6,920 to $12,380 and depend on the residence hall chosen and whether the student will live in a single or double occupancy room. Students can choose a meal plan that will range from $5,450 to $6,450 a year and may also purchase Cent Bucks, which are an on-campus currency that can be used in the Student Union Building. Students may also be responsible for various fees associated with their program. Students who enroll in graduate school will pay $1,425 per course for the MBA program and $900 per course for the MAT program.

Students can qualify for federal financial aid when they attend Centenary College of Louisiana and may earn merit-based or need-based aid in the form of loans, scholarships, and grants. Students must submit their FAFSA form to qualify for federal aid, as well as to gain eligibility to apply for institutional grants and scholarships. Programs in which a student may participate include the Louisiana Live Your Dream Program, Federal Work-Study, and the Montgomery GI Bill. Some of the academic scholarships available to students with excellent grades include the Trustee Award, the President’s Award, and the Dean’s Award. The college recommends that students speak with a representative from the Financial Aid Office if they have any questions about financial aid or the undergraduate and graduate programs offered at Centenary College of Louisiana.

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