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Degrees Offered at CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College

CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College appears in our ranking of 100 Affordable Public Schools With High 40-Year ROIs .

Students at CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College have access to the university’s three schools, the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, Zicklin School of Business and the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs.

Baruch offers over 30 undergraduate majors and 60 minors. Students can also pursue one of 57 master’s degrees or one of five Ph.D.s. A majority of Baruch’s undergraduate population studies at the Zicklin School of Business.

This city university has a 90% retention rate, and a four-year graduation rate of 41%. Its six-year graduation rate is 70%. Students take approximately four-and-a-half years to complete their degrees. The US News and World Report ranked it #16 on its Regional Universities North list.

About CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College

CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College, which was established in 1919, belongs to the City University of New York system. Despite being situated in Manhattan’s urban landscape, it’s a school that strives to offer its students a traditional campus-school atmosphere.

Student life at CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College is culturally and linguistically rich. On campus, more than one languages are heard within the school’s halls and classrooms. Nearly 170 countries have representation within the school’s student body. Almost 200 clubs and organizations allow students to delve more deeply into campus life. These organizations include The Ticker, the school’s newspaper and Dollars & Sense, its online magazine. Student-athletes can compete in the CUNY Athletic Conference.

Housed within the 17-story Newman Vertical Campus building, Baruch has world-class facilities for students to use. The building provides the school with a campus of sorts, a practical solution for a city-based school. Students can access the school’s bookstore, TV station, recreation facilities, research labs and classrooms here. There are also limited campus-housing options for students. CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College is located between 25th Streets East 22nd in New York, New York.

Graduates of CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College have gotten the attention of MONEY magazine in recent years. The news site ranked the school #2 on its top-ranked universities list. One of the reasons that the news giant rated the school this high is due to the success rates of its graduates. CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College’s alumni earn nearly $60,000 a year in the early years following graduation, a salary that’s higher than many graduates of other similar schools.

Actress Jennifer Lopez was once a student at CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College. Other notable attendees include the former owner of Newsweek magazine, Sidney Harman, Abraham Beame, New York’s former mayor and Adam Neumann, co-founder of WeWork.

CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College Accreditation Details

The school has a number of accreditations. It has received special accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). From this accrediting body, it receives accreditation for its Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. It also receives accreditation for its Master of Science (MS) and its Master of Business Administration (MBA)–the Executive Master’s programs in Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business. The school’s business doctoral program is also accredited through this body.

The school gets its higher education accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Finally, Baruch has special accreditation through the Commission on Peer Review Accreditation of the Network of Schools of Public Policy and International Affairs.

CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College Application Requirements

This city university has more stringent application requirements than some other similar schools. Students who are accepted into the school have an average SAT score of 1330.

Undergraduates must submit a transcript from all of the schools they’ve attended and their test scores, along with an application fee of $65. They can also submit letters of recommendation.

Generally speaking, graduate students need to take the GMAT or GRE tests, though the tests are waived in some cases. Depending on the program, students are asked to supply two or three letters of recommendation.

Two or three essays are required as well in some cases. Graduate students must also submit transcripts and a resume, along with a $75 application fee. The average graduate school GPA is between 3.22 and 3.37.

Tuition and Financial Aid

New York residents who study at CUNY-Bernard M. Baruch College full-time pay $3,465 per semester in tuition. (Students who take 12 credits or more are considered full-time students.) Out-of-state students pay a per-credit fee for school, which is $620 per credit. These rates are for degree-seeking students in the school’s undergraduate programs. The per-credit fee applies to both out-of-state residents, as well as foreign students on a visa.

Non-degree-seeking students from New York pay $445 per credit, while non-residents and foreign students on a visa pay $915 per credit.

Graduate students in the MBA program are charged as follows: $8,155 per semester or $725 per credit. Out-of-state students, including foreign students with visas, pay $1,110 per credit.

New York residents enrolled in the MIA and MPA programs pay $6,375 per semester or $545 per credit. Foreign students and non-New York residents pay $1,010 per credit.

In the post-masters certificate and MS and MA programs, New York residents pay $5,545 per semester or $470 per credit. Out-of-state students pay $855 per credit, as do foreign students on visas.

In the executive doctoral program, New York residents pay $515 per credit. (N/A for out-of-state and foreign students on visas).

Students are also charged a technology fee of $125 for full-time students and $62.50 for part-time students. Student activity fees range from $14 to $125. Some students are also charged for excess contact hours.

The school offers financial aid to its students. Students who wish to receive financial aid must fill out a FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. About 55% of the school’s students get grants to pay for their education. About 14% of students get merit grants, which average out to be just over $5,000. Additionally, the CUNY school system offers about 1,000 scholarships each year.

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