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Majors and Programs at FIU

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Florida International University is a comprehensive university in Florida that offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs allow students to major in one of the dozens of subjects. One of those programs is an anthropology and sociology combined program. It includes Introduction to Anthropology, Social Theory and Research Methods among other courses. Students can also take classes on international and public affairs.

Its Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies is a popular program today. Students learn about the ways in which people look at and think about gender and how gender is a fluid concept that constantly changes. Majors in this program often work for the newspaper or campus television station because they want to work as journalists later. Some of the courses they take include Introduction to Global Gender and Women’s Studies, Women and Film, Women and Men in International Relations and Marriage and the Family.

The university also offers a variety of graduate programs such as its Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. Designed for students who want to produce their own visual pieces, this program is open to those who already studied art at the undergrad level. It requires that they submit a portfolio or a few examples of the work that they created in the past. The university expects students to take both studio art courses and some art history classes. This is a three-year program that includes a thesis component. Students have one semester to research their thesis work and one semester to complete it.

Also available is a Master of Arts in Political Science program. Florida is one of the top states in the world for political science majors because it serves such a pivotal role during the election seasons. Majors must take three required courses that include Foundations of Political Science and Research Seminar. They will also take three seminar classes such as Seminar in International Politics and Seminar in American Politics. The 12 credits of electives they take can include internships that allow them to work for political organizations across the state. Florida International University requires that political science majors do a final research paper too.

FIU Online offers many degree programs for students interested in distance learning.  At the undergraduate level, degrees are offered in education, engineering, business administration (finance), communications, health sciences, hospitality, and more.  Online graduate degrees can be earned in international and public affairs, humanities and social sciences, engineering, music education, and much more.

About Florida International University

Florida International University is a large university in Miami, Florida that places a strong emphasis on research. Founded in 1965 as a public university, it came about after locals spent more than two decades calling for the state to establish a school in Miami. The university actually opened in 1972 and saw more than 5,600 students sign up for classes. Also called FIU, it has a retention rate of more than 80%, which means that students who start classes come back the following year. Many of those students actually finish their degrees at the university too.

Washington Monthly ranks FIU as the 88th best college in the United States, but U.S. News and World Report ranks the university as one of the nation’s and one of the world’s best schools. It also ranks as a best value university because it offers a low tuition rate. The University Park Campus is the largest campus run by FIU, but it also has regional campuses across Florida and a small campus in Biscayne Bay. FIU is part of the State University System of Florida and has an enrollment of more than 50,000 students.

Florida International University Accreditation Details

The dietetics, law and occupational therapy are just a few of the programs that have accreditation at FIU. Its psychology and public health programs are some of the others that have specialty accreditation. FIU earned its regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), which covers all its programs, including those that award graduates certificates. It gives students the option of seeking out financial aid and bringing credits with them.

Florida International University Application Requirements

Any student who completed fewer than 12 credits at the college level is a freshman. The university has an April 15 deadline for fall applications and a December 2 deadline for spring applications. Freshmen can also apply later in the year to start classes in the summer. Students must take the ACT or SAT by the end of their junior years and have the testing board send their scores to FIU. The university charges a $30 application fee and claims that students can complete its application in around 30 minutes. It requires that students provide their official transcripts too.

Applications for graduate students who want to start in the fall is June 1, but students can submit their applications by October 1 to apply for the spring semester. The university charges a $30 processing fee too. Grad students will also submit official transcripts, which must come in a sealed envelope that has the name of the schools they attended on the outside. Though these are the basic requirements for all graduate students, some programs may ask for a little more info, including a professional resume and/or at least two letters of recommendation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

FIU undergrads pay around $6,200 a year to take 12 credits or more of classes over the fall and winter semesters. Undergrads who are not Florida residents pay $18,500 a year. Nonresidents can take online classes for much less. The online program drops their costs to less than $10,000 a year. Residents who enroll in an online program will pay slightly more than they would to take classes on the university’s campus. Graduate students pay $8,200 a year as a Florida resident and $18,200 a year as a nonresident. The cost of the university’s online graduate programs is slightly higher.

Both grad students and undergrads attending FIU can apply for financial aid. The university uses the FAFSA to see how much help the student needs. Students will get loans and grants after filing this form, but they can also join the university’s work and study program, which is a government program. Nearly 90% of undergrads receive financial aid packages. Those packages can include scholarships, which FIU offers for transfer and military students as well as incoming freshmen. Students must submit letters of recommendation and write an essay to apply for a scholarship. Florida International University financial aid packages help students cover most of the costs of any of its degrees and programs.

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