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Degrees Offered at Freed-Hardeman University

Freed-Hardeman University appears in our ranking of the  50 Most Affordable Master’s in Theology Degree Programs Online.

Freed-Hardeman University constantly looks for new ways to educate its students, which leads to new degree programs introduced nearly every year. The university added an online Associate of Arts in 2019 that allows students to earn a general degree and study various subjects. This program includes Life of Christ and other religion classes as well as Principles of Biology, Speech Communication, and U.S. History. Other new programs added in 2019 include a 4 + 1 education program and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with an emphasis on financial planning.

All undergraduate students at Freed-Hardeman University must complete the liberal arts core curriculum, which includes math, humanities, science, and social science classes. Those courses are in addition to the classes they take in their majors. The university offers a Bible major for students who want to work as pastors and a theater major for those who want to do performing arts. In the law and politics program, students learn how politics affect the legal system and undergo some of the training needed for law school. Other majors include interactive digital design, computer science, cybersecurity, nursing, English and marketing.

Students at the graduate and doctoral levels can major in 16 subjects at Freed-Hardeman University. The university’s Master of Education in Instructional Leadership includes concentrations in administration and supervision and teacher leadership, which are the same concentrations available in the university’s instructional leadership doctoral program. Clinical mental health counseling majors will do an internship and a practicum as well as take classes that include Career Counseling, Research Methods in Counseling and Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.

The Master of Education and Master of Teaching programs are among the university’s most popular options. Students can choose from majors and concentrations that include special education, school counseling, and teacher education. Some of these programs include tracks for those who do not have their teaching licenses. The university also offers popular majors in Old Testament, New Testament, divinity, business administration, and pastoral counseling.

About Freed-Hardeman University

Freed-Hardeman University is a private university affiliated with the Churches of Christ. Established in 1869 as the Henderson Male Institute, it began as a high school for males that offered a limited number of college classes. After admitting females, it became the Henderson Masonic Male and Female Institute and later the West Tennessee Christian College. After George Robertson’s parents donated money to the college in her name, it became the George Robertson Christian College. This college shut down near the turn of the 20th century and reopened as the National Teachers’ Normal and Business College before becoming Freed-Hardeman College and finally Freed-Hardeman University.

Also known as FHU, the university requires that all incoming undergrads live on-campus unless they are 22 or married. Students must continue to live on the campus until they graduate, though there are some situations in which the university will let them move off-campus. Though located in Henderson, Tennessee, FHU offers opportunities for students to study away from its campus. They can take part in multiple study abroad programs that last for two to three weeks or enroll in online degree programs. More than 1,900 students in total attend FHU annually.

Freed-Hardeman University Accreditation Details

As a member of the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (CAATS), FHU has the accreditation that appeals to religious students. It also holds the regional accreditation that lets students transfer to and from FHU and get financial aid. They can only apply for aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FHU has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and specialty accreditation for its nursing and education programs.

Freed-Hardeman University Application Requirements

The FHU application guide provides students with a series of steps that help them apply to the university and sign up for classes. To apply, they need to submit the free application and make sure that they send in their transcripts and test scores. The university encourages students to apply early because it will help them qualify for scholarships and get a response quickly. Accepted students must submit both a housing form and a health form. The housing form helps FHU find them roommates for the coming year, while the health form shows that they have the vaccinations required for on-campus students.

Though most of the FHU graduate programs have the same application requirements, it’s important that students check with each department for its individual admissions requirements. The university will generally only accept students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and a bachelor’s degree. They will need to submit official copies of all their transcripts and complete the FHU application. Some programs will ask for a GRE/GMAT score of 290/380 or higher and a goals statement of between 300 and 500 words. Students usually need to consent to an interview too. The university’s counseling programs ask that students sign and submit a form that allows FHU to do a criminal background check and for transcripts that show the students took at least 12 credits of social science classes in a bachelor’s program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

FHU undergrads pay $22,950 per year for tuition and fees. On-campus residents need to choose from one of four meal plans that cost $1,815 per semester or more along with their dorm rooms. The university charges $2,160 each semester for a basic dorm room, which the student will share with one other person. Graduate students pay $610 per credit hour for both their tuition and fees. If they take at least six credits of classes and submit the FAFSA, students can qualify for financial aid.

Assistantships are just one of the types of financial aid that FHU awards to graduate students. Those students will need to submit applications by the middle of the year before they want to work and go through an interview. These are paid positions that include a stipend. Graduate students also qualify for government loans and can borrow up to $20,500 each year. Undergrads receive financial aid packages that include university and government aid. They can get FHU scholarships and grants and government loans and grants and also qualify for work-study. Freed-Hardeman University offers many grants and scholarships for students who are members of the Churches of Christ.

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