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Degree Programs at Texas A&M University, College Station

Texas A&M University, College Station appears in our ranking of  30 Great Colleges With An Increasing Student Population .

Texas A&M University, College Station has 19 colleges and schools with departments that offer more than 130 degree programs for undergrads. These programs range from majors in accounting to zoology. Its accounting program provides students with the strong backgrounds that they need to study finance at the graduate level and to take any professional exams they might want to take. The university offers majors in both agribusiness and agriculture, including agricultural leadership and development, science and communications and journalism. Students can study either communications or journalism also. The university offers a number of interdisciplinary studies programs with an emphasis in education too such as elementary education or early childhood education.

Graduate students can enroll in more than 200 degree and certificate programs at Texas A&M University, College Station. These programs are available from its College of Liberal Arts, Bush School of Government and Public Service, College of Education and Human Development and others. The Busch School of Government and Public Service offers multiple five-year degree programs. Undergrads will take three years of bachelor’s classes and two years of graduate courses to earn two degrees. This school also offers a Master of Public Service and Administration and a Master of International Affairs.

The distance education programs offered by Texas A&M University, College Station allow students to study online. They can earn a Master of Public Service and Administration online, which is a program designed for executives. A Master’s in Bilingual Education is available for teachers who want to work with students who speak two languages. Its Master’s in Special Education is suitable for teachers who work with children who have unique needs and disabilities. Other online programs help students earn degrees in agricultural development, laws, public health and nursing. Texas A&M University, College Station also offers a few online certificate programs.

About Texas A&M University, College Station

Texas A&M University, College Station is the main university in the Texas A&M system. It’s also known as Texas A&M and A&M. Founded in 1871 as The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, it opened with an enrollment of just six students and an equal number of teachers. The college nearly closed after the University of Texas opened because some citizens thought the state needed just one university, but its founders worked with locals to show that Texas could support two schools of higher learning. It became Texas A&M University in 1960 and added the College Station name to reflect its location in the state.

Washington Monthly ranks Texas A&M as the sixth best American college, and both U.S. News and World Report and ARWU rank it within the top 100 of those schools. Those two groups and both QS and Times Higher Education also include Texas A&M University among the best colleges in the world. It has a reach that expands outside of the United States and offers research opportunities for students who want to work and study overseas. The campus that the university owns in College Station is one of the largest in the world. Texas A&M needs that space because it has an enrollment of more than 68,000 students.

Texas A&M University, College Station Accreditation Details

Texas A&M has APA accreditation for some of its psychology programs and accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) for its veterinary program. The teaching and English language programs have accreditation too. Its regional accreditation, which comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), lets students transfer college credits into a new degree program and to apply for financial aid every year.

Texas A&M University, College Station Application Requirements

The university looks for students who want to develop practical skills at the same time that they work on their degrees. Students will need to create an account on the Apply Texas or the Coalition Application website. While the Apply Texas site lets students apply to other public colleges in the state, the Coalition Application site lets them submit applications to schools outside of Texas. Both applications have the same deadline of December 1, but students have until December 8 to submit their documents. Those documents include a high school transcript that shows the student’s class rank and an ACT or SAT score. Prospective undergrads will also pay the Texas A&M $75 fee and upload an essay to the application site they use.

Graduate students must submit their applications by the deadline specified by each program. Each student will submit an application and their official transcripts as well as pay the $65 fee. Most programs require a GRE score, though some programs will accept a GMAT score. Some programs may ask for up to three other documents too, including a resume and three letters of recommendation. A department may ask the student for a personal statement or letter of intent too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students taking classes on the College Station campus who are undergrads will pay $10,252 per year, which covers both the fall and spring semesters. If the undergrad is not a Texas resident, he or she will pay $36,442 per year. Students also pay Texas A&M fees and room and board expenses to live on the College Station campus, which will add around $10,500 to their costs. Graduate students pay $8,200 a year as a Texas resident and $16,700 a year as a nonresident. They also face fees of $160 a year.

Texas A&M offers students at any level the opportunity to apply for financial aid, which they can do with the FAFSA. The FAFSA is available at the beginning of October and requires that college students use the university’s school code and that they use their own unique FAFSA ID to log into the system. When the university receives this form, it will look at the student’s status and his or her family contribution, which it then uses to decide how much aid the student needs. Aid packages often include standard government aid such as grants and a student loan. Subsidized loans go to undergrads, while graduate students receive unsubsidized loans. Some students may get one or more scholarships from the university too. Texas A&M University, College Station offers hundreds of degree programs for students today and strong financial aid packages that cover many of the costs of those programs.

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