Attending a Christian university in no one way requires a student to major in religion. Instead, students can either choose a secular major, or they can select a religious orientated major. Regardless of the degree program, class content and curriculum will be reinforced through positive values and core Christian beliefs.

Common Christian Majors

Students who attend a Christian university can choose from popular religious majors. For example, a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies provides students with the skills and knowledge for biblical interpretation. They gain a foundation of spiritual theology, scripture formation and ancient cultures and geography. A Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership prepares students to serve in some form of leadership capacity in church settings and non-profit Christian organizations. This degree focuses on leadership issues and skills in organizations through in-depth biblical studies and character analysis.

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A Bachelor of Science in Church Administration is designed for students who want managerial skills and business acumen to for ministerial leadership. These programs offer courses in theology and biblical studies, but students will mostly study church dynamics, development and organization. A Bachelor of Arts in Ministry prepares students for general careers in Christian service or ministry. Students can take classes in church history, studies and leadership. A Bachelor of Science in Worship Leadership provides students the opportunity to focus on hosting and managing worship events, activities and programs.

Alternative Christian Majors

Students who attend a Christian university can also take unique faith-based majors that will meet their specific career and personal needs. A Bachelor of Arts in the Philosophy of Religion is the perfect liberal arts degree for students who want to explore the fascinating intersections of society, religion and philosophy. Students who earn this degree usually go on to become graduate theological or secular philosophy students. Related to this, a Bachelor of Arts in in Religion and the Arts allows student to specialize in either art, music or theater. This means that students can choose to study historical Christian art and culture, or they can become performance artists in church music.

A Bachelor of Arts in Faith and Social Justice is meant for students who want to positively impact their communities. Students learn about values, integrity, leadership, social problems and social work. Most Christian universities also offer interdisciplinary degrees in Religious Studies, so students can either focus on their own areas of interest, or simply focus on a more generalized study of religious themes and topics. Students can take classes in everything from Christian doctrine to preaching to pop culture. Advanced graduate degrees include majors in Bible exposition, divinity ministry, Christian education and youth ministries. Christian universities are excellent places to study comparative linguistics and ancient languages like Latin, Greek and biblical Hebrew.

Attending a Christian university is an excellent place to learn fields related to secular art, design, video and communication. This includes visual arts like graphic design, digital photography and information design. Additional majors include broadcasting, digital media, audio engineering, video production and interactive web development.

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