Many students wonder if it is better to attend a college in a city than it is to attend a college in a rural or suburban area. If you are one of the many prospective college students asking this question, it is important to understand the many differences between attending school in a metropolitan area compared to other areas in the country. Many advantages and also some disadvantages are associated with going to school in a major U.S. city. Read on, and find out what these advantages and disadvantages are so that you can decide which type of college campus is best for you.

Familiarize Yourself With Different Types of Metropolitan Colleges

There are two very distinguishable types of metropolitan colleges, and knowing the types of colleges that you will find during your student tours can be very helpful. One common type of urban college in a major city is the self-contained campus, where students will enjoy living in a college area in the middle of a metropolitan area. There are also other types of campuses that are more dispersed rather than contained. These colleges are not as traditional and most students will live in apartments rather than dorms rooms or housing on-campus. You must decide which type of urban college you would prefer when you are considering your commute, the population and where you can go for entertainment.

What Are the Advantages of Metropolitan Area Colleges?

Several advantages exist to attending a college in the city. One of the major advantages is that you will have ready access to public transportation if you live off of campus so that you can get to and from school without needing to own your own car. You can also get to and from work in a shorter amount of time if you work in the city.

If cultural arts is important to you, you can attend several cultural events living in a metropolitan area because this is typically where events are held. Many employers that offer internships will offer their opportunities in the city, which means that more of these opportunities will be available to you if you want hands-on experience before you graduate.

What Are the Disadvantages of Metropolitan Area Colleges?

Where there are advantages there will also be disadvantages. Some of the major drawbacks of attending school in the city involve money. In metro areas, the rent tends to be higher than it is in rural or suburban areas. This means that you will get a smaller apartment or room and pay more for being a tenant when you attend an urban school. Tuition may be higher in metropolitan areas, specifically because the unemployment rates in these areas tend to be higher . You can also expect to have parking problems if you own a car. You should also research the crime rates, because in many major cities they are higher than elsewhere.

You must consider what an urban, rural or suburban campus would be like and what setting you would prefer. Once you take campus tours and you consider the advantages and drawbacks of each, you should consider the tuition rate and the cost of living. Once you do your homework and you choose a setting that you prefer, you can decide if a college in a city is right for you.

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