The availability of teaching jobs steadily increases as both national and global populations expand. Also, educators who have the proper training and certifications find that the high demand for skilled teachers is not impacted by the state of the economy or threats of budget cuts. Most countries in the developed world have mastered the distribution of basic education throughout its school districts and now focus on improving delivery of instruction for specialized groups and academic subjects. Here are some education categories that are experiencing growth in domestic and international markets.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

The subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are those that are most attributed to innovation and economic growth in the United States. The number of  students pursuing STEM related degree programs at the university level is declining, and many students who enroll in those challenging programs find that they are not adequately prepared for the difficult course work that is encountered in most programs. Subsequently, special STEM related programs have been developed for secondary schools throughout the nation, and teachers can participate in STEM teacher training programs to qualify for a number of job opportunities across the country.

English Language Acquisition

The United States is known as a land of immigrants, and many households enter the country without solid English language skills. However, they are at an advantage because state and local governments often sponsor English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adults; public schools have similar programs for children of immigrants. Both of these groups require teachers with special training and certifications. While ESL teaching positions are popular in the US, they are in even higher demand in developing nations that want their young people to be fluent in what is currently considered to be the international language of business. Some of these countries offer skilled teachers who do not mind temporarily living abroad competitive pay in low cost of living areas.

Foreign Language Studies

The combination of trade agreements, extensive travel opportunities and the proliferation of technological tools has made it possible for more companies to extend their reach into international markets. People who are bilingual or multilingual are better equipped to operate in the fast paced, global economy of the future. This means that bilingual and multilingual teachers are needed at all grade levels to instruct students in some of the most commonly used languages in the world. Innovative language learning software, foreign language web forums and multimedia chat rooms for language learners provide additional avenues for students to practice what they have been taught in the classrooms.

Special Education

Children with developmental disorders that result from poor nutrition or genetic defects have always existed in society. However, there has been a recent push to make quality academic instruction more widely available to all students including those with special needs. Teachers who are trained to instruct students with learning disabilities, mental disorders and even physical handicaps are needed to achieve this objective of equitable education for all.


Education at all levels is a key ingredient for economic growth and improved quality of life in all societies, and a high priority is placed on delivering quality instruction. Educators are encouraged to adopt attitudes of life long learning to take advantage of specialty teaching opportunities in choice locations that often include higher pay.

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