College students need a wide range of skills if they hope to succeed in school, and one of the most important of those skills is time management. Students often enter college and assume that they can get the same grades as they did in high school while doing the same amount of work. That leads to students failing one or more classes and dropping out after the first year. Students simply don’t understand how to budget their time. With some tips, students can learn how to dedicate time to their studies and still have time for themselves.

Use a Calendar

Though many students think they can get through college without using a calendar or a day planner, a calendar is a helpful tool. College professors give students a detailed syllabus on the first day of class that tells them when major assignments are due, the date of quizzes and tests and everything else the course requires. Students should always take the time to sit down and write out every assignment, project and test. This shows them when they need to study for different classes.

Create Time Blocks

Those who have difficulties finding time for school can create time blocks. When you were in high school, you probably dedicated yourself to spending a set amount of time on each of your subjects. You should do the same thing in college. Think about which courses are the hardest and will require the majority of your time. You generally need to spend a minimum of three to five hours on each course every week. Create blocks that show you when you can work on your assignments every day. Make sure that you leave time in your schedule for working and hanging out with your friends.

Keep Your Books With You

Finding time to work on your studies every day is a great time management tip for college students. Many students have a hard time sitting down in a dorm room or the library and spending hours reading through textbooks. Instead of spending several hours in a row, try spending 15 to 30 minutes at a time on your schoolwork. Take your books and supplies with you when you’re at work, on the bus or even meeting friends. Every second you spend working on your assignments is a second of free time you’ll have later.

Treat Yourself

Kelci Lynn Lucier of U.S. News and World Report recommends scheduling some personal time throughout the day as well. As hard as you work, you deserve some time to play. When making your schedule, write down events you want to attend and things you want to do with your friends. This helps you see when you need to study and gives you a reward for your hard work. If your friends want to hit a frat party on Friday night, you’ll know that you need to work a few hours earlier in the day to get that time off.

College students lead busy lives. In addition to your classes, you need time for working on assignments, hanging out with your friends, dates and dozens of other social obligations. Though you might struggle with finding time for yourself and your friends while in college, these time management tips will help you find all the time that you need.

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