Although most students mistakenly believe that the best paying job will only be found outside of the campus community, it is important to realize that there are on-campus jobs that offer big bucks too! In a hectic schedule filled with courses, studying, extra-curricular activities , and social events, the prospect of landing a high-paying job in college during the academic year often seems impossible for college students. However, due to the rising cost of tuition and other college expenses, it is becoming even more important for students to find jobs that pay well above the minimum wage to make ends meet. Luckily, the following article will look at four high-paying on-campus jobs that can help significantly lower the financial burden of higher education.

Writing Tutor

If you know how to write well, you should count yourself lucky because there are many other students on your college campus that do not. Therefore, there is typically a high demand for students to work as writing tutors in their school’s writing center. As a writing tutor, you would be responsible for editing all grammatical, argument structure, discussion, reasoning, and stylistic errors in an effort to help students get a better grade. When you lend a hand to help students edit their essays and research papers, you will earn more than many other on-campus jobs at up to $30 per hour.

IT Technician

For students who possess a working knowledge of computer technology and are good working with different applications, becoming an IT technician at your school’s computer lab or on-campus tech support department can provide plenty of dough. At up to $25 per hour with flexible work schedules, IT technicians are typically responsible for updating the university’s websites, putting together reports on academic computing initiatives, and assisting any faculty members or students in troubleshooting computer problems. Working at the IT center will also help you hone your own skills for a tech career.

Administrative Assistant

As a college student, you have daily access to department chairs, deans and professors that could use some help with completing administrative tasks. Working as an administrative assistant on-campus will generally come with a high-paying salary of up to $20 an hour. Not only will you benefit from this great opportunity to earn solid cash, but you will also earn lots of experience in your field of interest and perhaps your post-grad career endeavors. Assistants can also be involved in helping professors teach their courses and conduct their research.

Campus Tour Guide

Are you able to walk backwards and talk like a pro? Then, working as a campus tour guide may be a great social job option that comes with the potential for earning up to $20 per hour. As a campus tour guide, you will be responsible for being the face of your college or university to inform prospective students in a meaningful campus tour. In order to show off your school in all its glory, you will need to be charming, have no fear of public speaking, and maintain a good personality even if it is raining.

Overall, there are plenty of on-campus jobs available that will rack in some serious earnings well above minimum wage when you know where to look for them. If you are still struggling to find the best paying job for your interests, you can also consider working as an events planner, athletic department assistant, social media coordinator, lifeguard, library assistant, daycare worker, resident assistant, bank teller, fitness trainer, or website manager.

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