religious studies jobs

For earners of the religious studies degree, you’ve no doubt come to know that this unique course of study is all about understanding the world’s religious beliefs and other personal belief systems. You’ve probably learned vast sums about religious texts and scriptures, beliefs, practices, and even personal, non-religious ideologies such as atheism and humanism.

As a result, you are now a truly valuable commodity to a great number of vocational areas. Here, to shine some more light on the career options available to those holding or earning a religious studies degree, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top paths. Here is just a handful of the many available to this degree-holding group.

Religious Writer

As a graduate in religious studies, you possess plenty of knowledge and an angle that allows for some very interesting opinion and contribution on the subject. The religious writer provides just the right opportunity to get involved in the literary way. Write about historic, religious events, ideas, and more for any number of print and online media establishments. Spread your ideas and enjoy an awesome platform.

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Outreach Worker

A religious studies grad also makes for an excellent outreach or aid worker. In this career field, workers are employed by government, religious, and other organizations to provide much needed aid and resource assistance to those in a particular community. This can be a very rewarding way to utilize this degree on the ground where it matters the most.


Yet another incredibly rewarding line of outreach work, the work of a missionary is finely tuned to those of this type of college degree and thinking. The professional missionary is responsible for traveling to target locations and assisting the local population in any way possible as well as spreading their religious ideas. One in this position will become extremely cultured with the travel and diversity experience to be had here.


Teaching is a route also made possible by this particular degree concentration. At college level or even within a church setting, there are many, diverse teaching opportunities to be had when this degree is in your pocket. Religion-based classes are the most relevant teaching ventures here but all sorts of subjects are indeed taught by these graduates.

Charity Officer

The mindset, knowledge, and skills of religious studies grads make them a great addition to many charitable organizations. Within these organizations, charity officers are the ones responsible for handling donation supplies and subsequent provisions. This is yet another highly rewarding position for the giver at heart.


Curators are those professionals responsible for managing exhibits, museums, displays, and other, similar venues. Many of the skills taught by this degree program match up to the needs found here. Organization, research, a personal appreciation for antiquity and social sciences, and expertise on a variety of religions and belief systems are all what make graduates of this degree great candidates for curation.

Religious studies provide a unique knowledge-base, highly sought in a large number of establishments worldwide. These six examples of the careers to be had as a result of earning this great degree offer a glimpse of what possibilities truly await. For more direction on what all you can do with your religious studies degree, consult with student counseling at the institution with which you have earned or are earning your degree.

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