The employment outlook for the field of marketing is decidedly good. There are many marketing jobs that offer excellent career stability with opportunities for advancement. Below introduces some of the fasting growing careers within the field of marketing.

Why Marketing is Popular

Business degrees like marketing are popular in colleges and universities because they provide lifelong career benefits. First, a marketing career involves creativity and communications, so it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to avoid getting stuck behind a desk in a mundane office environment. The marketing industry is always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to promote brands, services, products and companies. Second, marketing and new technology go hand in hand, so it always involves the latest smartphone techniques, digital innovations and social media trends. Third, marketing is a job for intelligent extroverts who enjoy research why consumers think and behave in certain ways. Many marketers are sociable students of psychology who want to explore the world. Fourth, there is always a strong demand for talented marketers who can use effective marketing techniques to reinvent new products and services.

Market Research Analyst

Certain marketing jobs are growing faster than others. The BLS’ Occupational Handbook states that the job outlook for market research analysts is growing at 19 percent, which is much faster than average. Market research analysts are responsible for performing market, customer and product research and analysis. They use various data and information sources to identify and track market growth, customer retention and business acquisition trends. They may be asked to focus on business units, product lines, service profitability or product offering targets. Market research analysts use data warehouses, consumer databases, business intelligence tools and research software to identify solutions and opportunities. They may be members of client management teams who achieve goals, coordinate interdepartmental work and streamline marketing functions. Marketing research analysts will be expected to have a business, mathematics or information technology degree.

Marketing Manager

The BLS’ Occupational Handbook states that the job outlook for market managers is approximately nine percent, which is faster than average for most management positions. Marketing managers perform an astonishing array of vastly different duties. For example, some focus on identifying marketing opportunities and resolving client issues by analyzing big data. Those who focus on market research will establish objectives, select research methodologies and supervise the collection of information from primary and secondary sources. Their qualitative and quantitative research will be used by business leaders to increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Other marketing managers may tests products by collecting questionnaires, decoding answers and interpreting data. They may provide historical market research analysis for proposed products and research and development projects. Marketing managers may maintain market research information systems, recommend campaign techniques to business units and conduct market segmentation trend analyses.

Marketing jobs are quite popular because they offer excellent career stability and flexibility. Marketing professionals may be involved in very different campaigns that hone new skills and talents. These core competencies are applicable to almost every industry and business field.

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