The Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL test for short, is one that measures the test taker’s English proficiency when English is not their first language. If you are planning to attend college or you would like to earn a professional certificate, it is important to show admissions councils and licensing boards that you possess the English skill that is needed to both comprehend and speak the English language in class or in your profession.

For those who are in the process of registering for the exam, preparation is the key. When you review the test structure, the content of the test, and study tools and materials, you can improve your chances of scoring at the advanced skill level. Read on, and find out what types of study materials and tools that you can use as you continue your journey to prove that you are skilled even though you are not a native English speaker.

What Is the Structure of the TOEFL Exam?

You may understand that the TOEFL measures your ability to speak and understand English, but just how does the test do this? Knowing how the exam is structure is crucial when you want to walk into your test date confident and ready. This is why you should start the preparation process by learning about the structure and content of the test . Unlike other admissions tests, you will be tested on all four skills in the course of a single sitting. This means that you need to be able to demonstrate you are a skilled listener, reader, speaker, and writer.

The reading portion of the test will have you read academic passages and then answer questions pertaining to the text. The listening portion involves listening to media on lectures and conversations and then responding. In the speaking portion, you will be asked to express your opinion on specific topics. In the end, you will need to complete a writing portion where you must convey your opinion in the form of essay responses.

What Type of Preparation Tools Can You Use For Success?

It is never too early to start preparing for your test. If you are not quite sure where you should start, the Educational Testing Service , which is the body that administers the test, offers a wide variety of materials and tools. If you believe you need to brush up on your skill, you can start by using the English Skill Building tool. If you want to gauge your level or familiarize yourself with content, you can take the Practice Test Online. With this tool, you can take the practice test anywhere until you get a score that you are comfortable with. For those who are not satisfied with their scores, there are preparation courses that can be used to direct you on the right study path.

There is a range of skill levels that you can score on the test. You need to gauge where you are and where you would like to be before you even have a test date registered. Once you feel ready, you can schedule your test and then do the final prepping the days leading up to the date. Use all of the preparation tools and you can get a high level score on your TOEFL test.

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