A spirituality-focused university is a college that places an emphasis on spirituality or religious thought. Many of the colleges have an affiliation with a major church but welcome students from all denominations. Though these schools are smaller than the larger public campuses in your state, there are some benefits to going to a school that places a high level of importance on religious thought.

Carry Religion With You

One key benefit to attending a spirituality-focused university is that you can carry your religion or spirituality with you. When you attend a larger public college, you might have a hard time finding where you fit in because the other students come from backgrounds that are very different from your own. Many of the classes you take with emphasis religious thoughts and principles too. You’ll also learn how you can use your religion when working in fields like education, computer science, sociology and even criminal justice.

Low Cost

Students often think that religious colleges are more expensive than public colleges. While most spirituality-focused colleges are private, these schools keep costs down and are more affordable than you might think. Some campuses charge the same amount as public campuses do, and some charge even less for classes. You may have access to more financial aid to pay your costs too. These colleges often offer scholarships and grants that come from religious organizations and alumni donations that help all students afford to attend.

Ethical and Moral Values

Attending a spirituality-focused university is a good choice for those who have moral and ethical values that they want to carry with them. Attending a secular school can lead to students making poor decisions regarding alcohol and drugs. Many spiritual and religious colleges have a code of conduct that all students must follow, though some schools have a stricter policy than others. This code may apply to drug or alcohol use on campus, the interactions you can have with students of the opposite sex and how you can behave when away from campus. Some religious colleges also implement a curfew that requires all students be in their rooms by a set time every night.

Avoid Culture Shock

One of the more common problems associated with attending a secular school is that students often experience culture shock. Even if you lived in liberal household, you’ll still find yourself surrounded by students who care more about dating and going to parties than they do about their religious beliefs and going to class. That culture shock can leave you feeling homesick and wishing that you went to a different school. Attending a spiritual or religious school limits the culture shock you experience when going away to school.

Give Back Through Charitable Acts

A benefit of attending a spirituality-focused university that all students enjoy is that they have the chance to give back through charitable acts. An admissions counselor working for Relevant Magazine points out that attending one of these colleges gives you access to local and global programs that can help a wide range of people. You might take a semester off to do a mission trip to Africa or another country, or you might volunteer as a missionary right here in the United States. Spirituality-focused colleges also offer service learning opportunities that let students help the poor and underprivileged living nearby.

Secular colleges are great for students who want to learn from others and be around students from diverse backgrounds, but attending one of those schools can be a bit of a culture shock. Attending a spirituality-focused university comes with benefits like letting you give back to others and helping you retain your moral and ethical values.

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