With reports from the National Center for Education Statistics showing that the median income of people who have earned a bachelor’s degree surpasses that of individuals with an associate’s degree by more than $10,000, it’s no surprise that online bachelor’s degrees are becoming more common. Higher education costs go up every year, and many people don’t have the time or the budget to attend a traditional university. Online bachelor’s degree programs can be convenient and affordable. Below are five things to look for when you’re considering taking an online bachelor’s degree program.

Credit Transferability

Students seeking an online degree should find out if their course credits are transferrable if they choose to change programs down the road. In addition, students who have completed some college-level courses should ask if those classes count for credit toward their online degrees. If the online program will not transfer credits in or out, it could be due to the fact that other institutions don’t regard the online institution’s courses as academically acceptable.

Real-Time Support

Earning a degree online doesn’t mean that you’re traveling through an automated program. When students can’t access a professor in person, they may need more support with their studies. Students should consider how much assistance is offered by the school. They can reach out with this question before enrolling in the school. If they aren’t met with adequate support initially, students may want to look elsewhere because it may be an indication of the general level of support offered by the school. If you’re thinking about attending an online college or university, find out what its virtual classes are like. Inquire about the methods that the school offers for interacting with your peers and faculty members.

Graduation and Employment Rates

A strong bachelor’s degree program should have equally powerful statistics. A high graduation rate typically signals that the school has a well-developed program and offers ample academic support. Employers look for more than a diploma mill on applicants’ resumes. Low employment rates could mean that the school is not highly regarded. High employment rates typically indicate that a school provides comprehensive career advice.


Reputable online degree programs undergo an accreditation process to ensure that they are maintaining certain standards. An accredited institution has been evaluated by a reliable agency that has been authorized by the U.S. Department of Education. Credits from accredited institutions will usually transfer to other accredited programs. Degrees from reputable online institutions are also recognized by post-graduate programs if you pursue further education.

Areas of Concentration

Because you are not limited by location, you can select the online program that fits best with your interests. The online school that you attend should offer a major that’s in line with your pursuits, experience and career goals. If you’re not certain about your path, make sure that the school you attend offers adequate career support so that you can earn a degree that is valuable to you once you enter the workforce.

You can learn almost anything online. Earning a degree involves more than just learning, however. An adequate degree program provides wide-ranging support and prepares you for a successful career. Online courses at the right school will allow you to enhance your knowledge and prepare for a positive future.

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