entry level human resources

Jobs for New Human Resources Professionals

  • Human Resources Assistant
  • HR Coordinator
  • Recruiter
  • Temp Agency Assistant
  • HR Specialist

As the field of human resources grows, the number of students earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human resources is multiplying. Human resources degrees offer a wide range of concentrations as well, from accounting to data science.

Even armed with a degree, entering the workforce for the first time can pose personal and professional challenges. And constantly evolving trends to know and adapt to, according to Forbes , especially for those with little applied experience in their field, entering the field for the first time can be an overwhelming prospect. Here are five great entry level human resources jobs.

  1. Human Resources Assistant

    The role of the HR assistant involves a variety of different tasks on a day to day basis. The candidate in this role may assist the human resources manager on interviews and organization, be responsible for sending emails or making phone calls to potential candidates, and assist with scheduling events organized by the HR department.

  2. HR Coordinator

    The HR coordinator keeps track and organizes documents, filing, and other administrative tasks pertinent to the human resources department they work for. They maintain personnel files, organize new hire orientation, assist on or conduct exit interviews, and help to process unemployment claims. This position is ideal for a person who is highly organized, and who may want a limited public-facing role within human resources.

  3. Recruiter

    Recruiters seek out top talent within a giving industry and reach out to them as necessary and appropriate to schedule interviews and hiring. Recruiters may also work on behalf of agencies, conducting interviews and reviewing resumes to help the agency fulfill a specific need – either within the agency or, much more frequently, to help a company they are assisting fill a specific role. Recruiters need a keen eye for skill and personality assessment, excellent prioritization skills, and a high level of organization. Because recruiters are in a significantly public-facing position, customer service and communication skills are also essential to this role.

  4. Temp Agency Assistant

    Temp agency assistants fulfill much of the same role as human resources assistants. In addition, they may also receive incoming candidates to the temp agency, conduct brief interviews, review resumes, and make recommendations for specific roles that the temp agency is helping to fill. Temp agency assistants may also perform administrative tasks, such as filing, faxing, phone calls, and other office tasks as needed.

  5. HR Specialist

    Human resources specialists perform a variety of day to day tasks including organizing new hire paperwork and orientation, briefing employees on company policy and applicable law and preparing and organizing paperwork related to hiring, termination or promotion. HR specialists may also conduct interviews on behalf of the human resources department, and assist candidates in seeking available roles that are the best fit for their skill set.

Each of these positions represents a different focus – and skill set – within human resources. No matter what your concentration or focus was in your degree studies, each of these positions is well worth considering – and each can serve as a stepping stone to bigger and better roles within the human resources field.

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