As any sociology major knows, the field of sociology is related to a broad array of other disciplines, affords a unique set of skills and knowledge that can be applied to multiple professions, and is integral to the advancement and maintenance of human societies.

If you’re majoring in sociology, consider what you want to apply your degree to. Are you most interested in the role of mental illness in human societies? The study of human behavior as it relates to commerce? Does a career in research interest you, whether it be compilation and analysis of crime data or emerging trends in economics? No matter your career goals, there is a minor that will help you achieve them – and choosing an appropriate minor can also highlight your strengths to the admissions committee when you apply to graduate school.

Here are five great minors for a sociology major.


If the study of how the individual human mind functions in human societies is what interests you the most, consider minoring in psychology. Knowledge of psychology will assist you in understanding the role of the individual within the larger realm of society, especially with regard to mental illness or disorder, cognitive functioning across different types of societies, and how the individual psyche responds to external social influences. Minoring in psychology can help sociologists understand behavioral and diagnostic trends, which in turn can assist other profession and field in developing response tools, including social work and law enforcement.


If research is the path you intend to take, minoring in statistics may be an excellent choice. Combining the roles of sociologist and statistician allows you to be effective at collecting data, using appropriate methods of calculation to accurately represent trend, and in comprehensively presenting that data to either your employer or to the general public, dependent on what your job is.

Religious Studies

Religion is potentially one of the most powerful driving forces in human societies. If the role of religion in society is one that interests you, a minor in religious studies may open doors to its study. Sociologists with expertise in religious practice may receive grant funding to travel and study different religions and the role they play in everyday life, as well as publish books on the subject. Curiously enough, this minor may help you parlay your degree into a career in law enforcement, as religiously motivated crimes are studied extensively in nearly every society on the planet.


Music is another powerful force in human society – without exception, every society on earth produces and enjoys music. If the prospect of a career in the sociological study of music excites you, music is another excellent example of many applicable minors for a sociology major, and can qualify you for advanced degrees in fields such as musicology, ethnomusicology, or even music therapy.

Political Science

Minoring in political science can help you launch a career later on in political research, which encompasses a tremendous amount of possibilities in and of itself. Ranging from the study of political conflict to how political systems operate and impact society, a minor in political science can give you leverage to develop a career in these areas after your advanced degree studies are complete.

For every sociology major, there is a minor that can lead to a fulfilling and even lucrative career in an area that they are passionate about. If you’re considering a minor to complement your sociology degree, each of these five is well worth considering.

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