An associate’s degree in Biblical Studies is a popular major for students who want to work for churches or ministry programs. These programs teach students about theology, scripture interpretation, biblical story structures and historical cultures and geography. Here are five potential jobs for graduates who have a two-year degree in Biblical Studies .

Production Assistant

Christian businesses and organizations need production assistants to create videos, graphics and other publication materials for vendors, programs, charitable beneficiaries and the general public. They dub, burn and transfer discs, video and audiotapes as needed. They also record video from inside sources, such as devotionals, and outside sources, such as cable TV and satellite. Production assistants must maintain knowledge of production equipment and production systems in order to be proficient in their position. They assist with the delivery, set-up and troubleshooting of screens, projectors and other digital playback devices. They operate videos for edit sessions, digitize video into edit systems and complete small productions.

Church Librarian Assistant

Church librarian assistants help departmental librarians manage archives and special collections in church affiliated colleges, parochial schools and church headquarters. They provide reference and research assistance to users by selecting materials and locating appropriate resources. They provide both informal instruction to classes and formal library tours to visitors. Church librarian assistants collaborate with other theological libraries and community resources to help users find appropriate information and direction. They help libraries to develop and organize events, projects and exhibits to promote Christian values and the use of current collections. Church librarian assistants serve on local, school and organizational library committees.

Youth Minister

Youth ministers help young people find a personal relationship with God and lead them towards their full potential as Christians. They focus on enlisting and training leadership for youth programs. They establish ongoing relationships with parents to help them handle the changing needs of young people. They promote the importance of Bible study in worship programs and host Sunday outreach programs. Youth ministers provide a variety of growth opportunities to their youth through weekly discipleship fellowship meetings. They keep youth informed of appropriate youth activities through social media and conventional visits. Youth ministers encourage churchgoing adults to provide proper physical, emotional and social surroundings for young people at church and at home.

Program Supervisor

Church program supervisors with an associate’s degree in Biblical Studies usually oversee a congregation by developing budgets and managing ministry operators. They focus on managing expenditures through proper stewardship of church financial resources. Church program supervisors facilitation of understanding among church staff for the congregation’s mission, values and growth goals. They are responsible for the coordination and collaboration of ministry reports to maximize efforts and outreach programs. Church program supervisors need to have the ability to help ministry staff see how their respective responsibilities fit into the bigger picture of the church’s goals and community’s needs. They build a strategy for professional staff development to ensure that efficient ministry is occurring in each area and that team leadership skills are being displayed.

Digital Marketing

Religious organizations rely on digital markets to interface with marketing managers to spread positive messages and encourage participation in programs. They implement the strategic decisions that church leadership make and support the assigned direction for campaigns. Digital marketers executive digital strategies to improve the engagement of both internal and external audiences across various communication channels. Their goals are to maximize operational efficiency and financial effectiveness of budgets. They manage the creation of digital content that is shared through emails, blogs, websites and social media platforms. They provide consultative support to leaders and departments regarding effective campaign tactics.

An associate’s degree in Biblical Studies is the perfect degree for those who are dedicated to servanthood, ministry leadership and community problem solving.

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