Professional Organizations for Journalists

  • Society of Environmental Journalists
  • The Society of Professional Journalists
  • American Society of Journalists and Authors
  • The Online News Association
  • The Association of Healthcare Journalists

Recent graduates who are looking for journalism jobs can increase their employment possibilities by joining various journalism organizations. From general journalistic organizations to those specializing in specialty areas such as healthcare and the environment, journalism grads will find that there are plenty of organizations they can join. Some of these organizations stand out though, and the following five journalism organizations are definitely worth checking out.

1. Society of Environmental Journalists

For persons who enjoy writing about the environment, a journalism organization they may want to check out is the Society of Environmental Journalists. This is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1990 for the purpose of creating awareness of environmental issues through journalism. The organization is open to environmental journalists of all types including students, instructors, and persons employed by companies in such areas as print, broadcast, and radio. Member benefits include reporting grants, training programs, mentoring, insider tips, regional events, and journalism workshops.

2. The Society of Professional Journalists

Another great journalism organization worth checking out is the Society of Professional Journalists. Founded by Eugene Pulliam in April of 1909, this organization is the oldest journalism organization in the United States. Any journalist, journalism student, or instructor can apply for membership with the Society of Professional Journalists. Persons who join the SPJ enjoy such membership perks as continuing education programs, access to Quill Magazine, a weekly email newsletter, and national and regional journalism conferences.

3. American Society of Journalists and Authors

The American Society of Journalists and Authors is yet another terrific journalism organization for journalists and grads seeking journalism jobs. Originally known as the Society of Magazine Writers, the American Society of Journalists and Authors was established during the year 1948. This organization is mainly for independent non-fiction writers who have experience in writing non-fiction books or articles for major publications. Benefits of membership with the ASJA include annual conferences in New York City, journalism workshops, regional events, and exclusive networking with potential clients.

4. The Online News Association

Established in 1999, the Online News Association is a fairly new journalism organization for aspiring and current journalists. This non-profit organization is currently the largest organization for digital journalists. Individuals who would like to join the Online News Association enjoy a variety of perks including online discussion forums, discounted membership fees for journalism students, huge discounts for their annual digital journalism conference, access to free or discounted legal services, and 25 percent discounts on JPASS plans (an online digital library).

5. The Association of Healthcare Journalists

Journalism students who are interested in the healthcare industry may want to consider applying for membership to the Association of Healthcare Journalists. This is a non-profit, independent organization that strives to improve the quality and accuracy of health care journalism. Members of the AHJ enjoy such incredible benefits as free access to medical resources and journals, deep discounts on medical conferences, a job database, annual journalism contests, health journalism training programs, workshop events, and mentoring opportunities.

Journalism is an exciting and flexible field that offers a wide array of career opportunities. And for journalism graduates who are seeking journalism jobs, the organizations described above can help to make their resumes more appealing.

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