Applying for scholarships is a great way to pay for college, but depending on where you live, you may want to narrow down your search for scholarships for students who reside west of the Mississippi. Also known as geographical scholarships, these are programs that are only open to students who live in select parts of the country. Many will let you use the money you receive to attend college anywhere in the United States.

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California Scholarships

Some of the best scholarships for students who reside west of the Mississippi are only open to students who reside in California. The Critical Care Nursing Scholarship Program awards funds to students interested in critical care nursing who agree to study and later work in the state, while the California Association of Realtors Scholarship Foundation Award provides two students with a $2,000 scholarship to undergrad students. Companies based out of California also provide scholarships for students like The Walt Disney Company, which is also a sponsor of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Washington Scholarships

If you live in Washington and meet some basic requirements, you might qualify for some additional scholarships. The ARC of Washington Trust Fund awards grants and scholarships to students entering research programs in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and other neighboring states, and the William Hunt Professional Development Scholarship awards $500 to students interested in enrolling in some of its unique programs. There is also the Cancer for College Henry Streuli Scholarship that goes to a student committed to finding a cure for cancer and helping those diagnosed with cancer.

Kansas Scholarships

Some of the other scholarships for students who reside west of the Mississippi are open to those living or studying in Kansas. Though Kansas is home to fewer colleges than other states, it offers some big scholarships, including the KSPCA High School Merit Scholarship and the NIADA Foundation Regional Scholarship. KSPCA scholarships go to Kansas high school students with a high grade point average who agree to attend college in the state. Scholarships from the NIADA Foundation go to students with a commitment to education. The NIADA Foundation allows students to use their scholarship money to attend college in Kansas or in another state.

Oregon Scholarships

The Beat the Odds Scholarship is a unique program that awards $2,500 to three students each year who attended high school in Oregon. It recognizes students who overcame harsh problems to finish high school. The Portland chapter of the Data Processing Management Association gives out a large scholarship every year to an Oregon student studying information technology. Oregon students can also apply for a scholarship through the Henry & Joyce W. Sumid Foundation. Students must study the performing arts and live in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest.

Nebraska Scholarships

If you live in Nebraska, you can look for scholarships for students who reside west of the Mississippi designed for those living in that state. The Lincoln Community Foundation offers more than 40 scholarships for local high school students, including those for students enrolling in a two-year or four-year program. The Charles H. & Esther P. Miller Scholarship is worth $1,500. Another popular option is the Dick & Chris Draper Scholarship. Open only to students who graduated from high school in Elgin, Nebraska and maintained a 3.25 minimum GPA, it awards $2,500 to two students.

No one wants to leave college with thousands of dollars in debt, but if you rely on loans, you might find yourself in this situation. Applying for the top scholarships for students who reside west of the Mississippi may help you graduate with less debt or with no debt at all.

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