Five Great Specializations in Human Resources

  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Recruiting
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Financial Management

From budget management to organizational leadership, a myriad array of specializations exist in the dynamic and fascinating field of human resources. Here are five great human resource specializations.

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1. Training and Development

Human resources who specialize in training and development need a thorough knowledge of company operations and professional needs, ample experience in human resources practice, knowledge of training methodologies and adaptation to multiple industries, and a love of teaching.

Training and development professionals see not only to the training of newly hired professionals at their company but to the ongoing education and professional development of longtime employees as well.

2. Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits specialists have a highly multifaceted job. They must have a thorough knowledge of the company’s financial history, statistics on the industry standard of pay for each position in the company as well as statistics for those positions within the specific company they work for, and must work hand in hand with their human resource department’s budget and financial managers to ensure that the talent needed can be obtained at or within the available financial resources.

These specialists must also be able to suggest appropriate compensation and benefits packages for each new hire and current employee on the basis of experience, seniority, and company contribution.

3. Recruiting

Recruiting is potentially one of the most demanding and dynamic specializations in human resources. Recruiters actively seek out talent, and many travel throughout their community, state, or region to job fairs, recruitment events, and schools to attract new talent to their company. Recruiters are very often one of the first faces of a company that job seekers see, and subsequently must have excellent communication and listening skills, thorough knowledge of their company’s practices, positions, and history, and lots of energy to execute their day to day duties.

Recruiters usually have the responsibility of curating resumes of job seekers, and making recommendations to the human resources department for specific hires on the basis of experience and personal interaction.

4. Organizational Leadership

Organizational leadership professionals are often part of the mid or upper-level management teams of a company. They assist other company managers and officers in developing and practicing practical and effective leadership techniques, conduct group synergy and professional connection workshops and events, and may also help to mediate disputes between company employees. While a number of universities offer human resources degrees with organizational leadership concentrations, HR workers interested in this specialization may also seek a human resources degree with minors or concentrations in psychology, sociology, ethics, or business.

5. Financial Management

Financial managers in human resource departments see to the budget of the department, plan its use, and make recommendations to upper management to expand or reduce the budget as necessary according to departmental and company needs. Financial managers work with every management professional in human resources to ensure that workers are being compensated fairly while staying within budgetary guidelines, as well as to allocate resources for training sessions and professional development events.

The field of human resources is always growing, changing, and – according to Forbes – constantly evolving new trends and best practices. Each of these human resource specializations represents different skills, personality types, and paths to financial success – as well as satisfying and exciting professional opportunities throughout the HR professional’s career.

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